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We at ALG & Associates LPC are fully aware of how severe and life altering traffic accidents/personal injuries can be on the lives of individuals.

Our experienced team of traffic accident/personal injury lawyers are well equipped to investigate and fully handle a broad range of traffic accidents/personal injury cases, including;

Auto Accidents

Worker's Injuries

If a worker sustains injuries due to his/her work, or when commuting to or from his/her work, he/she can obtain benefits under the Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance (Note- this is in the case where the employer has in place Worker's Insurance).

Since all employers are liable for their working environment and labour safety, an employee can demand further compensation from his/her employer under Article 415 of Japanese Civil Code, if he/she gets injured during work due to his/her employer's intentional or negligent actions.

Furthermore, employers have an obligation to compensate a third party when his/her employee intentionally or negligently causes injury to such a third party.

Therefore, an employee who gets injured by another employee's action can request compensation from his/her employer in Torts (Article 715 of Civil Code).

Injury at Sea