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Injury at Sea

Seamen Personal Injuries

A Collision of Ships is an example of Maritime Accident.

When a captain or a seaman causes a maritime accident intentionally or negligently, the shipowner or lessee of the ship is liable to compensate the victim for whatever damages under Article 690 or 704 of Japanese Commercial Code.

If the victim of the maritime accident is a seaman, and if the accident is caused by his/her captain's or fellow seaman's intentional or negligent action then the victim can request compensation not only under the Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance Act, but also from the shipowner (or the lessee of a ship) under Article 690 of the Japanese Commercial Code.

It should be pointed out that compensation from shipowners or lessees of ship is limited by the Limitation of Liability of Shipowners Act. For example the total compensation is limited depending on aggregate tonnage.