Traffic Accident / Personal Injury Team

Attorneys & Staff

Ms. Tomoko Kawakami; Attorney-at-law

Ms. Kawakami is a dedicated attorney adept at managing a wide range of personal injury cases, and who is known for providing sound legal representation on all elements that must be considered as it relates to personal injury matters.

She works specifically with the traffic accident team and has significant experiences in a wide variety of personal injury cases, inclusive of car, truck and bicycle accidents; construction, workplace and machinery accidents etc. She also has an excellent track record of successful personal injury claims.


  • Provided consultations on all elements of personal injury claims;
  • Successfully negotiated with insurance companies regarding personal injury compensation;
  • Handled numerous personal injury lawsuits


  • 2008 : Kyoto Law School
  • 2010 : Legal Training and Research Institute


Ms. Kawakami enjoys cooking, and is always ready and willing to try new dishes/recipes.